Pharma-Müller Team successful in Berlin "Marathon" Relay 5 x 5 km


The Pharma-Müller Team successfully took part in this Berlin "Marathon" Relay event. About 3000 teams participated. There was also competition from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Bodmeier team from Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics. We are happy to announce the positions:

Pharma-Müller team: Position 589
Bodmeier team I: Position 968
Bodmeier team II: Position 1032

The Pharma-Müller team started in the following order:

1. Mario Fichera
2. Anne Saupe
3. Francesco Lai
4. Ilona Buttle
5. Sylvia Wissing

The picture shows Sylvia just after the finish, she made an excellent job! Congratulations to the Müller team being ahead about 400 positions from the other competition from pharmacy. The total time for the Müller team was 2:04:09 hours. In 2004 the Müller team will take part with two teams having strong enforcement from New Zealand and Indonesia.

Please click here for the picture selection of the Müller research group and Pharma-Müller team from the "Marathon" event.